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A group of teenagers in baseball jerseys, black pants, and clogging shoes.

For over 50 years, the Cumberland County Playhouse has been renowned for “growing its own talent.” We pride ourselves on creating and mentoring talented young performers so that they are able to seamlessly transition from the classroom to the stage, often working alongside seasoned industry professionals. 


The Playhouse is dedicated to creating a solid and focused experience on-and-off stage for each student through our unique performing arts programs, offering dynamic instruction in theater, music, and dance. Our goal is to promote a hands-on experience in the arts to all children regardless of race, age, income, or level of experience. Our students receive university-level concepts presented at age appropriate levels, allowing participants to achieve higher levels of excellence in their personal AND artistic abilities.  Most importantly, we seek to keep a love of theater, dance, and the arts alive while instilling valuable life skills that promote teamwork, articulation, public speaking, and social skills. 


Even more important than the world-class training and technique found in our classes is the discipline, confidence, poise, and conditioning shared by our students and teachers. As theater, music, and dance professionals, we are in the business of bringing joy and excellence to audiences of over 150,000 folks each year. In the same way, we nurture both creative joy and a high standard of excellence in every class, for every student. Such creativity and excellence make a difference in every life.


The Playhouse is a safe, supportive, challenging, and innovative environment where students will discover and develop their unique, creative voice. It’s a profound path to empowerment and to unlocking their artistic potential.

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What is a Triple Threat ?

In theater language, a Triple Threat Performer is a person who can confidently sing well, dance well, and act well.  In other words, an actor who can sing and dance, a singer who can dance and act, or a dancer who can act and sing! 

From high school stages to Broadway, directors are always looking for triple threat performers. However, you don’t have to want to become a professional to benefit from Triple Threat training. Consider the life lessons learned - when you’re trained like a confident performer, that confidence follows you anywhere!

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Our mission is made possible through the support of our generous sponsors, Swallows Insurance Agency.


What Are People Saying About Our Program?

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"The moment I knew she had found her home happened on a drive home one evening after class when she said, “I love being there, mom, I feel like I am completely free to be myself.” That to me made it worth every minute and cent spent."

Cassie Stone


"As a parent, I appreciate the variety of classes and performance opportunities available to her. I enjoy watching her skills, confidence level, and passion for performing continuously improve under the instruction and mentoring of the caring and professional staff here at CCP.

We are so thankful for the Playhouse and the T3 program. It truly is a hidden treasure and I would recommend this studio to anyone."

Julia Norris

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Our children have been part of the program for six incredible years. CCP provides a safe and welcoming environment where children can be challenged and inspired, welcomed and included. The top notch education and opportunities he received are comparable to any big city program but with the benefit of a close-knit community. When we moved away from Crossville and put our kids in other programs their history from CCP put them ahead in all their classes. None of that compares to the joy CCP has brought to our family and the confidence our children gained from their time there. 

Delilah Phillips


“The Playhouse has always been my home-away-from-home.  I’ve met many of my great friends at CCP and I’ve grown as a performer as well as a person.” 

Karli Edwards

solo ballet nug

“The Playhouse has been such a positive influence on our family!  I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for being the awesome teachers, role models, and supporters you all are.  We are truly blessed to be a part of anything there!  We thank you for all of your dedication to teach these kids to follow their dreams!” 

Rhonda Stone

hip hop

One of the safest places in the world is the stage.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always put on concerts for my family, sang things from showtunes to the old bluegrass songs my dad played on the guitar, and danced around my living room pretending to be on Broadway.  All through my childhood I dreamed of being on a stage in a spot light, singing, acting, and dancing, and now I am.  And I can’t believe it!  Being at the Playhouse is a safe haven for me, and every moment I spend there, I cherish it.” 

Katey Dailey

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