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May 10 @ 7:00 PM on the Playhouse Mainstage
May 11 @ 12:30 PM on the Playhouse Mainstage

There is nothing quite like the escape a good TV show can give you! We live in a world where TV isn’t just flipping through one or two channels to find something to watch. We live in a generation where you can fire up Netflix, Hulu, or cable and find diverse content to fit whatever mood you are feeling. Action, Comedy, Drama, Education, Reality…TV has it all these days. 


When we watch TV, we’re not just being entertained. We are also remembering something beautiful, learning about the world, and connecting with communities. TV allows us to relive a time we remember with fondness. Whether you want to unwind, find comfort, learn something new, connect, escape, or indulge…TV has something for you! 


Come join our Triple Threat Education students as they take you through the ages of their favorite TV theme songs, channels, and more to bring you a show full of good times, wild laughs, loving childhood memories, and spectacular talent!

Purchase via the link below or call our Box Office at 931.484.5000.
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